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Even though we are working on a completly new download center you can still use the present one. 

The reason for changing the download center is, that PROTECT has changed its visual company ID. And of course this must also reflect the download center.

Please have in mind that some of the materials right now are still in the old design. Every day we are working to convert everything into the new design. Contact Marketing Manager Martin S. Jacobsen, msj@protectglobal.com, to have a status of the precise material you need.



Welcome to the protect download center


This is a password-protected download area for PROTECT distributors and advertising agencies.   


To login you need the username and password given from PROTECT.

If you don't have a login, please contact:




Phone: (+45) 86 72 18 81

Mail: info@protectglobal.com

Martin Skaar Jacobsen, Marketing Manager

Tommy Arvidsen, Marketing Coordinator


The Content

The content of this download center is to give our distributors access to most of our current material 24/7.


The different files and documents are delivered in English and Danish - and most of them also in Spanish. The PROTECT distributors and partners can download the prefered version, translate to its native language and use the templates to meet the design guidelines of PROTECT A/S.

We will extend this download center as we finalize new materials.

The documents are in PDF, Word, Excel or indd (Adobe Indesign). The pictures are mainly in JPG or Tiff. The videos are WMV and MOV.


About Adobe Indesign
PROTECT Download Center gives our distributors and partners the possibility to download, edit and print/publish material for e.g. sales and marketing purposes. The relevant documents are available in zipped Adobe Indesign format packed with fonts, links, pictures etc.

We recommend that only proffesional graphic designers with the right software receive and work with the Adobe Indesign files and folders. However, a marketing person with experience in comprehensive IT software and a course in Adobe Indesign will be able to exchange a picture and text.

This Download Center

PROTECT A/S cannot be held liable for losses or damage associated with the use of this Download Center, and we reserve the right to update manuals and pages without notice.

All rights reserved PROTECT A/S.  

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Where can you login?

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The login field automatically shows up when you click on one of the three main menu tabs: Technical, Marketing and Orders & Freight.



What to do if this window pops up

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Some of our users of the download center have experienced this grey dialogue window or box.

This window is NOT the official or real login window. Don't type in your username and password!

The reason for this grey window can be explained by the settings of you computer and/or your choise of the browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.).

If you experience this window, please choose "Log in anonymously" and click "Log on".

We also recommend that you use Internet Explorer and that you reset the browser ("Reset" --> "Settings" --> "Advanced"). Then log in again.